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Happy Summer Everyone!

I hope all of you are enjoying the beautiful sunny days of summer. What are your plans? I’m guessing there are fun BBQs with family and friends, perhaps a great vacation? I would love to hear from you with all your great summer plans! I have just returned to L.A. after a month in NY spending time with MY family. How precious that time is for me. My schedule makes my visits home too infrequent … but spending time with my 92 year old grandmother … priceless!

I’m excited and blessed to have several film projects to tell you about.

LAKE PLACID 4 (which I mentioned in my last letter) has a new title … LAKE PLACID: THE FINAL CHAPTER. We filmed last fall in Bulgaria and I am joined by Elisabeth Rohm, Paul Nicholls and Robert Englund! Look for the ultimate conclusion to the LAKE PLACID film seriesto air September 29th on the Syfy Channel.

I started 2012 filming BLACK FOREST: HANSEL AND GRETEL & THE 420 WITCH about a brother and sister (CASTLE’S Molly Quinn and the very handsome Michael Welch from the TWILIGHT film series!) who battle a witch (Lara Flynn Boyle) who lures teenagers into her house with, you guessed it from the title, her “special” blend of marijuana. If you know the story of Hansel &Gretel, I’ll let you guess what happens next! I play a cop (you know me, hand me a gun and start the cameras rolling!) named Officer Hart. My partner, Officer Ritter, is played by Lochlyn Munro (TRUE JUSTICE) who was SUCH a treat to work with. After so many action films, it was fun to do a comedy! And we actually filmed here in Los Angeles. I rarely get to film a movie in the same area where I live, so that was a bonus. I’m still trying to get a release date but I am guessing it will be sometime before the end of 2012.

Just to prove that filming on location can be great too, I also had the pleasure of doing a film entitled SHARK WEEK in the Bahamas on the amazingly beautiful island of Eleuthera. Patrick Bergin (PATRIOT GAMES, SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY) and I star as a drugged out mad man and his eccentric, equally drugged out wife who invite then imprison several people to this remote island who have wronged Patrick’s family then put them through a series of deadly “challenges” involving dangerous sharks. I’ve never enjoyed “down time” on a film as much as I did here. Unbelievably stunning beaches and warm, crystal clear water … who wanted to go to work!! The Eleutheran people were so beautiful, generous and inviting. I hope I have the opportunity to return one day. Just don’t return home with Eleutheran money … there isn’t a bank in the U.S. that will exchange it!! SHARK WEEK aired Saturday, August 4th on the Syfy Channel. Hopefully you had a chance to see it. If not, Syfy Channel frequently re-airs its movies (last year’s RAGE OF THE YETI is re-airing next week!) so keep an eye out for SHARK WEEK in the weeks or months ahead. Hmmm, it seems like I am becoming “Queen of the Syfy Channel”!! I’m honored.

I have been approached to do KICK ASS 2 and it looks like I will be filming in the beginning of September. I was excited to be a part of KICK ASS but was disappointed that a lot of my scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. Hopefully, you will see more of me in the sequel! And I love being involved in ANY project with Christopher Mintz-Plasse. He is SO funny and talented.

Besides film work, it was such great fun meeting fans at autograph shows I did in Chicago and New York this year. To everyone who came out to see me, thank you. It was a treat for me to say hello, have a moment to chat, take a picture together. Your appreciation and support mean more to me than you know.

I think I have you all up-to-date with what is happening in my life and career. I really do love hearing from you so please e-mail me here at the website. There is a place for messages in the “Contact Us” section.

Once again I have to acknowledge Ann Premazon and Tom Monjack. You keep the website going and you keep me going. In return I give you my most heartfelt thanks and love.

And finally, as always, to the fans. You are the reason I am able to do what I do. Thank you for letting me live my dream. I wish you all “love and light”.

~ Yancy


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