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Yancy Going to James Cameron’s AVATAR Premiere Tonight

Hey Fans,

I am very excited for tonight I am attending the premiere of the long awaited James Cameron film AVATAR. One of my best friends, Janace Tashjian, is the assistant producer and we are each others dates. Jim Cameron and I first met when he approached me at the SAG Awards years ago (in which Janace was my date then as well) and said, “You hit my wife with a tire iron!” I had no idea what he was talking about until he explained to me that he was recently married to Suzy Amis, my co star in THE EX. I laughed remembering the scene where I do indeed attack her. So, last year when I went to visit the set of AVATAR, Jim invited me to watch him film a segment in which … well, all of you will have to see it for yourself. But I was awed as Jim moved his camera around the stage and the perfection with which he filmed. I signed a contract stating I would not divulge anything I witnessed that day, but let me just say what I saw was incredible, the likes of which I’ve never even heard of being done before. Everyone MUST see this film.

Sorry this is a short entry but gotta go get dolled up!


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